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  Press Releases > SuperOne 27-04-2016

The Awning Company Super One Series Round 2: Rissington 23/24 April 2016
Temperatures were unseasonably cold but the racing was hot at the high level Gloucestershire circuit amid the heart of the Chilterns.  The sun shone most of the day on the 133 competitors until a sudden sharp shower punctuated the second final of the official British Cadet Championship. ABkC MiniMax National Championship. Jensen Butterfield enjoyed lights to flag victories in both MiniMax finals.  Tom Canning had earlier topped timed qualifying from Jonny Edgar but Butterfield won both heats whilst Canning suffered an exclusion for a non-compliance.  When Edgar took Lorcan Hanafin for second in the Dog Leg complex it gave Butterfield an unassailable lead he did not squander.  Edgar was bundled back to fifth but recovered for a three kart wide dash for second, taken by Dexter Patterson from Edgar and Hanafin.  Butterfield again had a break in the second final when several karts went off including Edgar.  But this time he was reeled in by Patterson and the recovering Canning to within half a second.  Edgar recovered to fifth.

ABkC Junior Max National Championship
Joe Turney had the upper hand throughout timed qualifying and the two heats, lining up on pole for the first final with Jonathan Hoggard alongside.  As Turney took the lead William Pettitt slotted briefly into second until Hoggard took it back.  Pettitt eventually claimed second with a light touch on Hoggard with Myles Apps in fourth.  Mark Kimber and Rory Hudson clashed on the last corner, Kimber surviving for fifth but Hudson out.  Turney and Hoggard traded the lead in the early part of the second final until Pettitt fired his kart up the inside to lead.  As the other battle continued to rage behind, Pettitt eased away for the win.  Once Turney had flung off the attentions of Luke Ide and Tommy Foster he started to close in for the finish.  Hoggard endured a long grassy trip falling to seventh. 
ABkC Rotax Max National Championship
Josh White maintained his advantage from TQ through both heats to pole position with Josh Collings alongside for the first final.  But White was immediately hobbled at the dog leg as James Johnson dived in, letting Jack McCarthy take up the lead.  White started his comeback from tenth but the lead battle was a fierce rough and tumble of changing places, variously led by Collings and Johnson.  White also got back to the lead battle but a half spin saw him having to settle for fourth.  That fracas allowed Harrison Thomas to the front and he hung on for the win over Johnson and McCarthy.  Briefly usurped by McCarthy, Thomas hung onto the lead for most of the second final until the last lap when White dived in and won from Collings and Johnson with Thomas falling to fourth.  The latter two scrabbled over the grass at the penultimate corner but made the flag.  The support race for Rotax Max 177 was won by Daniel Martin.
MSA British IAME Cadet Championship
Georgi Dimitrov and points leader Harry Thompson were quickest in the time trials, with Thompson claiming the first heat, Bray Kenneally the other two.  Kenneally and Thompson traded the lead in the first final with Rattican and Jonny Wilkinson battling behind.  After Thompson had eased Kenneally to one side on the penultimate lap they clashed on the final lap allowing Rattican to take up the lead and win.  Whilst Wilkinson and Thompson slowed each other, Kenneally swooped round the outside for a provisional second until penalised 10s.  Thompson also took a penalty but a successful appeal to the Stewards put him back to third.  Rattican was hung out to dry in the second final in favour of Thompson after many karts crashed at the first corner, including Kenneally.  Thompson clung on to the lead ahead of Dimitrov and Tyler Read until a sudden rain shower had Taylor Barnard at one with the conditions catapulting himself from grid 21 to snatch the lead. Alex Simmonds followed him through, whilst Joseph Taylor salvaged third and Thompson fifth, split by Reggie Duhy all the way from winning the repechage following a heat exclusion.  And Kenneally made it back to seventh. 
Junior X30 International Qualifier
Gordon Mutch had been fastest in the TQ but slipped a little in the heats, won by Jake Douglas and Ethan Pitt.  A three way fight for the lead between Pitt, Douglas and Mutch became a five kart battle when Harrison Smith and Angus Fender joined in.  But Smith was forced to retire whilst Mutch took advantage of the interference behind to ease away for the win.  The very wet track suited Fender better as he leapfrogged Douglas and Mutch for the second final win.  Behind Mutch and Pitt, Harry McQuillan moved up a few places for fourth, beating Douglas.
Senior X30 International Qualifier
Like the Juniors the Senior X30s are battling for places in the X30 International Final later in the year.  Sam Marsh won both heats from Matt Davies albeit Davies had been faster in the time trials.  But Davies challenge in the first final was almost immediately thwarted when he was forced to stop.  Marsh took full advantage, never headed as Scott Mackrell and Brett Ward fought over second.  Charlie Bingham made a challenge on Matthew Hirst for fourth but ended bouncing along the grass for only tenth.  Still wet for the second final with a racing line starting to dry from the half way point.  Mackrell made a break over Marsh who had his rear filled by Ward until Collings came up to split them. 
MiniMax ABkC National Championship Final 1 (18 laps): 1 Jenson Butterfield (Tonykart); 2 Dexter Patterson (Kosmic) +6.67s; 3 Jonny Edgar (Esprit); 4 Lorcan Hanafin (Tonykart); 5 Alex Lloyd (BRK); 6 Finlay Bunce (Tonykart).
Final 2 (18 laps): 1 Butterfield; 2 Patterson +0.41; 3 Tom Canning (Kosmic); 4 Hanafin; 5 Edgar; 6 Lloyd.
Junior Max ABkC National Championship Final 1 (18 laps): 1 Joe Turney (Kosmic); 2 William Pettitt (Tonykart) +2.44s; 3 Jonathan Hoggard (Tonykart); 4 Myles Apps (Tonykart); 5 Mark Kimber (Tonykart); 6 Axel Charpentier (Tonykart).
Final 2 (18 laps): 1 Pettitt; 2 Turney +0.94s; 3 Luke Ide (Alonso); 4 Tommy Foster (Tonykart); 5 Charpentier; 6 Tyler Chesterton (Tonykart).
Senior Rotax ABkC National Championship Final 1 (19 laps); 1 Harrison Thomas (Tonykart); 2 James Johnson (Tonykart) +0.70s; 3 Jack McCarthy (Tonykart); 4 Josh White (Tonykart); 5 Josh Collings (Kosmic); 6 Ben Davis (Alonso).
Final 2 (19 laps): 1 White; 2 Collings +0.11s; 3 Johnson; 4 Thomas; 5 Davis; 6 McCarthy.
MSA British Cadet Championship Final 1 (16 laps): 1 Joshua Rattican (Synergy); 2 Jonny Wilkinson (Synergy) +1.31s; 3 Harry Thompson (Synergy); 4 Max Dodds (Synergy); 5 Van Knapton (Synergy); 6 Joseph Taylor (Synergy). 
Final 2: 1 Taylor Barnard (Zip); 2 Alex Simmonds (Zip) +0.43s; 3 Taylor; 4 Reggie Duhy (Synergy); 5 Thompson; 6 Rattican.
Junior X30 International Qualifier Final 1 (18 laps): 1 Gordon Mutch (tba); 2 Ethan Pitt (Gold) +1.11s; 3 Jake Douglas (Alonso); 4 Angus Fender (Gold); 5 Tom Douglas (Mach 1); 6 Ethan Rees (Tonykart). FL Harrison Smith. Pole Jake Douglas.
Final 2 (16 laps): 1 Fender; 2 Mutch +1.83s; 3 Pitt; 4 Harry McQuillan (Tonykart); 5 Jake Douglas; 6 Oliver Greetham (Alonso).  FL Fender. Pole Mutch.
Senior X30 International Qualifier Final 1 (19 laps): 1 Sam Marsh (Alonso); 2 Mackrell (tba) +3.09s; 3 Brett Ward (Mach 1); 4 Matthew Hirst (Tonykart); 5 Josh Collings (Alonso); 6 Euan Wilson (Alonso).  FL Marsh. Pole Marsh.
Final 2 (18 laps): 1 Mackrell; 2 Marsh +0.38s; 3 Collings; 4 Ward; 5 Jack Partridge (Gold); 6 Hirst.  FL Matt Davies. Pole Marsh.

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