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07/05/2013 VROOM n.144 Euro rule in the USA
Racing, racing and more racing. We bring you the reports of the major karting events in the world, three...

06/03/2013 VROOM n.142 Winter star
After the winter break, things started to get serious in a freezing-cold South Garda circuit in Lonato...

09/01/2013 TKartWeb 2012 Free issue - Number 20
The twentieth issue of TKartWeb 2012 
is NOW online.

03/12/2012 TKartWeb 2012 Number 18
The eighteenth issue of the NEW TKartWeb is NOW online.

26/11/2012 TKartWeb 2012 Number 17
The seventeenth issue of the NEW TKartWeb is NOW online.

30/10/2012 TKartWeb 2012 Number 16
The sixteenth issue of the NEW TKartWeb  is NOW online.

04/10/2012 TKartWeb 2012 Number 14
The fourteenth issue of the NEW TKartWeb is NOW online.

21/06/2012 TKartWeb - number 8 - 2012 online now!
The eighth issue of the NEW TKartWeb is now online.

09/06/2012 TKartWeb - number 7 - 2012 online now!
The seventh issue of the NEW TKartWeb is now online.

29/05/2012 TKartWeb - number 6 - 2012 online now!
The sixth issue of the NEW TKartWeb is now online.

at the cik fia european championship portimao p important victories for joyner gb zanardi parilla ok and martins f kosmic parilla okj with handsaeme b exprit vortex victorious the academy trophy WSK
At the CIK-FIA European Championship in Portimao (P) important victories for Joyner (GB – Zanardi-Parilla OK) and Martins (F – Kosmic-Parilla OKJ), with Handsaeme (B – Exprit-Vortex) victorious in the Academy Trophy.
The highlights FROM Portimao on Motors TV next week. Portimao launches drivers towards the final sprint for the European titles. The Finals in Portimao changed the standings of the European Championship. The race at the Kartodromo Internacional do Algarve was the last but one round of the European CIK-FIA Championship: it will be the last round, scheduled on last weekend of July at Genk in Belgium, to assign the titles of all categories. The OK was...

at the cik fia european champ portimao p the pole sitters are marta garcia evokart parilla ok and finlay kenneally gb fa vortex okj handsaeme b exprit vortex grabs the pole the academy WSK
At the CIK-FIA European Champ in Portimao (P) the pole-sitters are Marta Garcia (E – EvoKart-Parilla OK) and Finlay Kenneally (GB – FA-Vortex OKJ). Handsaeme (B – Exprit-Vortex) grabs the pole in the Academy.
Tomorrow the live streaming on cikfiachampionship.com. and cikfia.tv. Surprises and spectacular races live in streaming from Portimao. It was a rather complicated qualifying session the one which took place today in Portimao (P). The facility of the Portuguese town is hosting the CIK-FIA European Championship, which has arrived at its last but one round of the season. The 152 entrants of the OK and OK Junior and of the CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy,...

The OK and OKJ leaders ready for the battle at the Kartodromo Internacional do Algarve (P).
The Portuguese facility hosts the CIK-FIA European Champ and the Academy Trophy. Live streaming on Sunday 26th on cikfia.tv and cikfiachampionship.com. After the race, special report Motors TV.The OK and OKJ leaders ready for the battle at the Kartodromo Internacional do Algarve (P). The Portuguese facility hosts the CIK-FIA European Champ and the Academy Trophy. Live streaming on Sunday 26th on cikfia.tv and cikfiachampionship.com. After the race,...

Superkarts! Usa address lingering questions and concerns regarding impounded engines and subsequent ruling of findings
Photo comparison and further explanation of the Honda cylinder tech inspection. Superkarts! USA has been compelled to respond to the ongoing questions surrounding the impounded Honda CR125 cylinders and better clarify the findings and subsequent actions resulting from the examination process. Previous efforts to be discreet have unfortunately backfired, underscoring the need for the series to further elaborate on the events that transpired, based...

tw steel dmax championship reaches mid season point with everything to play for Daytona Motorsport
Tw Steel Dmax Championship reaches mid-season point with everything to play for
TW Steel DMAX Championship reaches season half-way point at Daytona Milton Keynes. MIghty 1150m 'Cliff Circuit' presents new challenges for DMAX drivers as they battle for series victory. The UK's fastest and most competitive hire-kart series, the TW Steel DMAX Championship reached its nail-biting mid-season point last Sunday (19th June) at Buckinghamshire's premier circuit, Daytona Milton Keynes.  However, the fast-fuelled Round 5 at was altogether...

cik fia academy k2nd round algarve portugal VORTEX
CIK-FIA Academy. 2nd round in Algarve (Portugal)
The technical and organizational success gained on the occasion of the 1st rnd of the Academy Trophy. The technical and organizational success gained on the occasion of the first round of the CIK-FIA Academy, Vortex branded, has been filed, and now the second round is at the start. Next weekend the 51 young kart drivers from 39 different nations will race on the thrilling International Algarve circuit, in Portimao (Portugal) and once again they will...

euro ok and okj k3rd round portugal KOSMIC KART
Euro Ok and Okj. 3rd round in Portugal
The European Championship for OK and OKJ categories stop on the marvellous Portuguese track. The European Championship for OK and OKJ categories stop on the marvellous Portuguese track of Portimao. Basz (OK) aims at confirming his leadership in OK class after missing the podium in Italy (Adria). All Racing Department’s drivers can count on the fantastic Mercury MY15. Our five OKJ drivers, Chappard, Weerts, Grigoryev, Vebster, Pourchaire aim at the...

dare to be different hurtles into milton keynes for its third headline event Daytona Motorsport
Dare To Be Different hurtles into Milton Keynes for its third headline event
Claire Williams on hand to lend support to the initiative. Sky F1 and ITV's Louise Goodman provide media insights. Pirelli Pit-Stop Challenge adds to fun and educational day. Daytona Milton Keynes yesterday (22 June) staged the third headline event for the newly-established Dare To Be Different initiative, introducing 100 local schoolgirls to the highly diverse world of motor sport. Founded by former racing driver, Susie Wolff and the Motor Sports...

sabré cook aims for victory this weekend utah SABRÉ COOK
Sabré Cook aims for victory this weekend in Utah
"Talented female driver also looks towards Pirelli World Challenge competition". Fresh off a second place podium result at the US Open of New Orleans, Sabré Cook travels to Utah Motorsports Campus this weekend for the second round of the Sofina Foods US Open program. Competing in the Senior Shifter category, Cook will aim towards the top step of the podium in her quest to take the point lead before making her bid for the national championship this...

energy kart usa enters eight drivers us open of utah ENERGY
Energy Kart Usa enters eight drivers in Us Open of Utah
"Four shifter drivers and four Rotax competitors complete Energy Kart USA driver lineup". Another weekend provides another chance at race wins and podium results as Energy Kart USA heads to the newly named Utah Motorsports Campus for the second round of the Sofina Foods US Open in Tooele, Utah. With a stacked team of eight drivers, Energy Kart USA will look to bring home the hardware once again as they do battle in Senior Shifter, Master Shifter,...

k3rd european round for ok and okj categories portugal TONY KART
3rd European Round for OK and OKJ categories in Portugal
In Portimao OK and OKJ drivers compete for the third round of the European Championship. In Portimao OK and OKJ drivers compete for the third round of the European Championship. Vidales aims at the top OKJ standings after his success in Adria. Both categories’ leaders are drivers and teams with chassis made in OTK. Doohan (OKJ) and Armstrong (OK) are the new-entries in the ranks of our drivers. The third European Championship’s act for OK and OKJ...

team koene usa brings eight driver squad to utah KOENEUSA.COM
Team Koene Usa brings eight driver squad to Utah
"Drivers to contest Rotax Micro, Mini, Junior and Senior MAX". As the 2016 North American karting season reaches the midway point, several key events will set up championship chases for drivers in multiple different series. First on the docket, Team Koene USA will enter eight drivers in the second round of the Sofina Foods US Open in the hopes to secure valuable points towards tight championship battles. Taking place at the Utah Motorsports Campus...

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Los Angeles Karting Championship
new era continues to evolve following round five of los angeles karting championship
New era continues to evolve following round five of Los Angeles Karting Championship
22-06-2016 | Pro Show a success as southern California 2016 program reaches halfway point. The Los Angeles Karting Championship welcomed new board of directors as the 2016 season began. Part of their new direction...
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Karting Australia
world cup champion to make australian debut ipswich
World Cup Champion to make Australian debut in Ipswich
22-06-2016 | 
2012 World Cup Champion Jordon Lennox-Lamb will make his Australian debut at Round Four of the Australian Kart Championship presented by Jayco and Castrol EDGE.
The Englishman will...
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speedsportz racing park is full construction mode
Speedsportz Racing Park is in full construction mode
21-06-2016 | Delays from a variety of different sources now surpassed as construction is in full swing. After nearly a year of delays due to many reasons, including offsite utilities, major new road construction, and...
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RB Racing
great success for the beretta company event organized by rb racing
Great success for the Beretta company event organized by RB Racing
20-06-2016 | The partnership between RB Racing and the food company Beretta confirmed to be winning also at the convention that took place last Saturday 18th June in Castelletto di Branduzzo, with over 150 guests that...
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maxspeed entertainment ready for sofina foods us open of utah
MAXSpeed Entertainment Ready for Sofina Foods US Open of Utah
20-06-2016 | “Championship point leaders to receive 2016 RMCGF invitations”. Continuing their sophomore season of promoting the Sofina Foods US Open Presented by Fikse Wheels, MAXSpeed Entertainment is ready for the...
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Karting Australia
dpe kart technology partners with karting australia for junior sprockets program
DPE Kart Technology partners with Karting Australia for Junior Sprockets Program
17-06-2016 | Australia’s leading kart manufacturer and distributor, DPE Kart Technology, has partnered with Karting Australia to support the SP Tools Junior Sprockets program for 2016. Junior Sprockets is an opportunity...
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ProKart Challenge
changing weather tests texas prokart challenge drivers oklahoma
Changing weather tests Texas Prokart Challenge drivers in Oklahoma
16-06-2016 | Dry and wet conditions for Superkarts! USA regional and US Rotax Max Challenge competitors at Oklahoma Motorsports Complex. The 2016 Texas ProKart Challenge program traveled into Sooner nation with the...
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Mach 1
pole position for mach1 motorsport ampfing
Pole position for Mach1 Motorsport in Ampfing
16-06-2016 | 
Mach1 Motorsport started at the German Kart Championship in Ampfing with a large number of drivers last weekend. Martin Hetschel’s team braved the partly very difficult weather conditions and placed...
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ckr team mission accomplished
CKR Team: Mission Accomplished!
15-06-2016 | 
Adria's lights shone, in the deep of the night, the performance of our official driver: Alessandro Pelizzari. Always competitive, from the first day: we made the pole, won the prefinal and the final,...
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Hotel Julia
08-04-2013 | The Hotel Julia is just a few meters  from the wonderful  beach of the Lido degli Estensi, and placed in the centre of the lido, at the beginning of the main street Viale Carducci, where you...
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U-18 & Academy: Preparations underway
Some sixty drivers converged upon Jesolo (ITA) on 3 and 4 June, for a familiarisation session ahead of...

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