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07/05/2013 VROOM n.144 Euro rule in the USA
Racing, racing and more racing. We bring you the reports of the major karting events in the world, three...

06/03/2013 VROOM n.142 Winter star
After the winter break, things started to get serious in a freezing-cold South Garda circuit in Lonato...

09/01/2013 TKartWeb 2012 Free issue - Number 20
The twentieth issue of TKartWeb 2012 
is NOW online.

03/12/2012 TKartWeb 2012 Number 18
The eighteenth issue of the NEW TKartWeb is NOW online.

26/11/2012 TKartWeb 2012 Number 17
The seventeenth issue of the NEW TKartWeb is NOW online.

30/10/2012 TKartWeb 2012 Number 16
The sixteenth issue of the NEW TKartWeb  is NOW online.

04/10/2012 TKartWeb 2012 Number 14
The fourteenth issue of the NEW TKartWeb is NOW online.

21/06/2012 TKartWeb - number 8 - 2012 online now!
The eighth issue of the NEW TKartWeb is now online.

09/06/2012 TKartWeb - number 7 - 2012 online now!
The seventh issue of the NEW TKartWeb is now online.

29/05/2012 TKartWeb - number 6 - 2012 online now!
The sixth issue of the NEW TKartWeb is now online.

the european cik fia championship ended kristianstad has its brand new stars with ben hanley gb croc tm kf and the young christian lundgaard dk tony kart vortex kfj WSK
The European CIK-FIA Championship ended in Kristianstad has its brand new stars with Ben Hanley (GB – Croc-TM) in KF and the young Christian Lundgaard (DK - Tony Kart-Vortex) in KFJ.
Next week, on  Motors TV, the special TV report with a recap of the great finale of the Championship. Karting awards its new champions. The new 2015 European CIK-FIA Champions for KF and KFJ were awarded last weekend in  Kristianstad (S). The young Danish driver Christian Lundgaard (Tony Kart-Vortex-LeCont) won in KF Junior, while the more experienced  English  Ben Hanley (Croc Promotions-TM-Vega) grabbed the title in KF. They...

sabré cook prepares for busy few months SABRÉ COOK
Sabré Cook prepares for a busy few months
"Talented female to travel the world for motorsports events". One of ten finalists, Sabré Cook, will take a series of grueling tests over the next two days to compete for only two spots in the Infiniti Performance Engineering Academy in Nashville, Tennessee. If selected she would be moving to Europe for twelve months to take part in the internship of a lifetime on the Red Bull Infinity Racing Team and Formula One program. But that's not the only thing...

Latest decisions of the World Motor Sport Council of the FIA concerning Karting
At its meeting of July 10th, 2015 in Mexico City, Mexico, the World Motor Sport Council of the FIA took the following decisions on the basis of proposals from members of the International Karting Commission: The WMSC approved the launch of the new generation of direct drive engines in Senior and Junior categories as of 1st January 2016, to satisfied the request of the ASN's with the aim to extend the use of direct drive engines at national level.

European Championship KF and KFJ category. Armstrong wins in KF class, Lundgaard is champion in KFJ
Armstrong wins the third round of the CIK-FIA European Championship for KF class, which took place in Kristianstad (Sweden). Lundgaard (Ward Racing) wins the race and the continental title, ahead of rivals all at the wheel of made-in-Prevalle material. KFJ ranking as well as the rankings of the Championship finals, are one-way with Tony Kart-Vortex leader. In KF our drivers shine. The pole goes to Nicklas Nielsen and the race is won by Marcus Armstrong....

top k10 for ricciardo kart the closing act of the kfj europeans Birel ART
Top 10 for Ricciardo Kart in the closing act of the KFJ Europeans
With Jules Bianchi in their hearts, Ricciardo Kart Racing team wrapped up their first experience in the CIK-FIA European KFJ Championship in the Top 10. In the Final, Rasmus Lindh couldn't give full show of his full potential because of a technical problem ensued after a contact. Thirteenth at the go, the Swede immediately climbed to eleventh, the glitch then made him drop to sixteenth, but one fast lap after another he worked his way back up to eleventh....

sweden birel art put up tough fight jules memory Birel ART
In Sweden Birel ART put up a tough fight in Jules' memory
In the closing round of the CIK-FIA European KF and KFJ Championships held this past weekend in Kristianstad (Sweden), Birel ART competed in loving memory of Jules Bianchi, who departed on July 17. In KF, Ben Barnicoat closed the Final in thirteenth place, but was then demoted to twenty-first due to a 10" penalty for having cut across the first chicane on lap one. Starting from thirteenth on grid, Ben immediately entered in contention for the top...

junior sprockets get started karting program launched Karting Australia
Junior sprockets “get started in karting” program launched
Karting Australia, in conjunction with SP Tools, has today announced a new initiative to get kids started in karting – ‘Junior Sprockets’. The Junior Sprockets program will be an opportunity for potential new members between the ages of 6 and 14 years to get behind the wheel of a kart while gaining knowledge about the technical aspects of kart racing. The involvement of SP Tools, major sponsor of the Holden Racing Team, will see the young attendees...

at the european cik fia kf and kfj championship kristianstad s armstrong nz wins the final race kf while kfj the winner is lundgaard dk both on tony kart vortex WSK
At the European CIK-FIA KF and KFJ Championship in Kristianstad (S), Armstrong (NZ) wins the final race in KF while in KFJ the winner is Lundgaard (DK), both on Tony Kart-Vortex.
The European champions are Hanley (GB – Croc-TM KF) and Lundgaard (DK – Tony-Vortex KFJ). Next week, special report on Motors TV. Asum Ring, a breath-taking European Championship. The finale of the European CIK-FIA Championship couldn’t have been more exciting than this. The event, hosted by the Asum Ring facility in Kristianstad (S), was reserved to the KF and KFJ categories: the names of the new 2015 European Champions of the two international categories...

the cik fia european kf and kfj championship is going to be spectacular the final round kristianstad hanley gb croc tm kf and yueyang cn fa kart vortex kfj are pole position WSK
The CIK-FIA European KF and KFJ Championship is going to be spectacular: in the final round in Kristianstad, Hanley (GB – Croc-TM KF) and Yueyang (CN – FA Kart-Vortex KFJ) are in pole position.
Live streaming on www.cikfiachampionship.com and www.cikfia.tv. All ready in Kristianstad for the big day. The top drivers are in pursuit: this is the perfect summary of today’s results at the Asum Ring in Kristianstad, which is hosting the final round of the CIK-FIA European KF and KF Junior Championship. In the latter category, the output of the heats tells a story which is  totally different from the one which has been told so far in the Championship:...

from k16th to k18th september the international circuit conca hosts session of tests before the word cik fia championship on schedule next k27th september WSK
From 16th to 18th September, the International Circuit La Conca hosts a session of tests before the Word CIK-FIA Championship on schedule next 27th September.
La Conca hosts the collective test before the World CIK-FIA Championship. The last appointment of the 2015 CIK-FIA season is approaching: it is the World KF and KFJ Championship, on schedule next 27th September in Muro Leccese, Italy. Before the event, the International Circuit La Conca is hosting a session of tests reserved to the two categories participating in the  Championship.

the pole sitters of the european cik fia kf and kfj championship at the asum ring kristianstad are nielsen dk tony kart vortex kf and roosens b kosmic parilla kfj WSK
The pole-sitters of the European CIK-FIA KF and KFJ Championship at the Asum Ring in Kristianstad are Nielsen (DK – Tony Kart-Vortex KF) and Roosens (B – Kosmic-Parilla KFJ).
Live streaming on Sunday 26th on www.cikfiachampionship.com and www.cikfia.tv. Next week the special report on  Motors TV. A heated finale in  Kristianstad. Today's qualifying at the Asum Ring in Kristianstad (S) said that the race to the European KF and KF Junior titles is going to be unmissable. The Swedish facility is hosting the last round of the CIK-FIA Championship and the first results on track were rather surprising if compared to...

tw steel dmax championship hots up at rye house Daytona Motorsport
Tw Steel Dmax Championship hots up at Rye House
113 drivers take part in Round 6 of UK's fastest hire-kart championship Racing closer than ever as series moves into second half of the 2015 season. Rye House in Hertfordshire played host to Round 6 of the TW Steel DMAX Championship last Sunday, 19th July.  113  of the UK's fastest racers battled it out for precious points as the series moves into it's crucial second half of the year. Spectacular racing in Daytona's 80-mph Rotax  Max...

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top kart usa scores well at mclaughlin motorsports nationals
Top Kart Usa scores well at McLaughlin Motorsports Nationals
03-08-2015 | Three wins and 17 podiums on the weekend. Drivers of blue and white Top Karts saw a lot of checkered flags at round three of the World Karting Association (WKA) Manufacturers Cup series, held July 17-19...
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top kart usa continues winning ways
Top Kart Usa continues winning ways
31-07-2015 | 
One win, four podiums at SKUSA Summer Nationals. Top Kart USA drivers added a few more trophies to their collections at past weekend's Superkarts! USA (SKUSA) Fikse Wheels Pro Tour SummerNationals,...
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team benik dominates tag cadet at skusa summernationals
Team Benik dominates Tag Cadet at Skusa Summernationals
30-07-2015 | Six of the top-nine on Saturday and four of the top-six on Sunday. When it was announced late in 2015 that the Superkarts! USA (SKUSA) Fikse Wheels Pro Tour would have an event at the New Castle Motorsports...
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lehane routs rivals to stay top
Lehane Routs Rivals To Stay Top
30-07-2015 | 
STRAWBERRY RACING maintained its lead in the Junior and Senior categories of the 2015 Euro Max Challenge, with a gritty drive from Jack McCarthy and twin wins for Pierce Lehane at Wackersdorf last...
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stolen kart and rotax engine alert
Stolen Kart and Rotax Engine Alert
30-07-2015 | Two BA-1 Chassis with Rotax engines were stolen late last week from a Rotaxian's house in the Las Vegas area. Please be on the lookout for any person trying to sell or offload equipment for a cheap pr...
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Deutsche Kart Meisterschaft
dkm half time ampfing
DKM half-time in Ampfing
29-07-2015 | 
Southernmost stop on the racing calendar. Next weekend the German Kart Championship’s season half-time is going to take place on the Schweppermannring in Ampfing. 117 participants from more than...
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anthony gangi jr near perfect at rotax summer shootout
Anthony Gangi Jr. near perfect at Rotax Summer Shootout
26-07-2015 | GT7 Motorsports pilot will be a favorite in the Rotax Junior class heading into the Grand Nationals; SKUSA SummerNationals up next. Gangi Jr.'s performance at the Rotax Summer Shootout makes him a favorite...
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online registration for cold stone united states rotax max challenge grand nationals will close july k30 at midnight
Online registration for Cold Stone United States Rotax Max Challenge Grand Nationals will close july...
25-07-2015 | “Event Supplemental Regulations and Schedule posted to MAXSpeedEntertainment.com”. With the 2015 Cold Stone United States Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Nationals fast approaching, MAXSpeed Entertainment would...
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RB Racing
the canadian antonio serravalle with rb racing since the european sweden
The Canadian Antonio Serravalle with RB Racing since the European in Sweden
22-07-2015 | Great deal for the RB Racing team, especially looking to the future, that made an agreement with the very young Antonio Serravalle. The Canadian driver with Italian origins will be with RB Racing in the...
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Hotel Julia
08-04-2013 | The Hotel Julia is just a few meters  from the wonderful  beach of the Lido degli Estensi, and placed in the centre of the lido, at the beginning of the main street Viale Carducci, where you...
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Paolo Bombarra, LeCont tyres
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IAME, 45 years of passion and success
IAME is the world leader in the production of racing kart engines. Heir to a long history from the origins...

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Danilo Rossi: Karting has held up relatively well in 2013 in a difficult economic situation
Quadruple World Champion, founder of the chassis brand DR, and the DR Racing Team manager, Danilo Rossi...

U18 & Academy: Prologue at Jesolo
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U-18 & Academy: Preparations underway
Some sixty drivers converged upon Jesolo (ITA) on 3 and 4 June, for a familiarisation session ahead of...

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