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k2nd place ok and k3rd okj the bahrain world championship KOSMIC KART RT
2nd place in Ok and 3rd in Okj in the Bahrain World Championship
The Bahrain Circuit saw the "Blue" Kosmic Kart the protagonist of the CIK-FIA World Championship. The Bahrain International Kart Circuit saw the "Blue" Kosmic Kart the protagonist of the CIK-FIA World Championship. The Kosmic Kart brand ends the most important race of the season, the World Championship successfully, with great satisfaction for the world title conquered in OKJ class by Victor Martins with the VDK Racing team. Our Racing Department...

at the world championship bahrain we defend the title KOSMIC KART RT
At the world championship in Bahrain we defend the title
The scenic Bahrain International Kart Circuit will host the World Championships. The scenic Bahrain International Kart Circuit will host the World Championships, the two most important races of the year, reserved for single speed OK and OKJ categories. The Racing Department we will be on track in OK class with the World Champion in office, Karol Basz, whose image stands in the official poster of the event. In fact, just a year ago, we conquered the...

the new kosmic kart website is now online KOSMIC KART RT
The new Kosmic Kart website is now online
On the eve of the World CIK-FIA Championship, the brand by OTK launches the renewed kosmickart.com. On the eve of the World CIK-FIA Championship, the brand by OTK launches the renewed kosmickart.com. Not just a restyling, but a real complete renovation for the new kosmickart.com webpage. In line with the the usual personal identity featuring the Kosmic brand, also the renewed webpage gives much space to image and visual impact. All this, however,...

double win of basz and milell at the wsk final KOSMIC KART RT
Double win of Basz and Milell at the Wsk Final
Basz is WSK Final Cup's Champion in OK class, ahead of Milell. Hajek is 2nd place in KZ2. Positive final season in the WSK series for our colours. On the Italian Adria circuit our Racing Department has signed a peremptory double win in OK class, with Basz in first position and Milell second. In KZ2 Hajek got the with a second position and in OKJ category the winner was Martins Kosmic Kart (VDK team). OK. The weekend on the Adria Karting Raceway began...

kosmic kart racing department dkm and euro genk KOSMIC KART RT
Kosmic Kart Racing Department. DKM and Euro in Genk
We go back on track for two important events of late July. We go back on track for two important events of late July. Both races the Racing Department will face, will be held on the Belgian track of Genk. This coming weekend the third round of the DKM Deutsche Kart Meisterschaft is going to be run and from July 28 to 31 the third, and final, round of the CIK-FIA European Championship for all categories, KZ, KZ2, OK and OKJ will be held. KZ2. Both...

kosmic kart leader of the european championship of kz and ok spain KOSMIC KART RT
Kosmic Kart leader of the European Championship of KZ and OK in Spain
Kosmic Kart paints in blue the CIK European Championships competition in Spain. Hajek leads the KZ class winning the pole, as well the prefinal and final. Basz in OK runs better and better, he is second in the prefinal and scores the winning hit with a thrilling final. Official standings. A terrific success of the Racing Department. This is the summary of the CIK European. Championships competition held on the fast Spanish track of Zuera. Patrik...

kosmic kart racing department our k7 bearers for k2016 KOSMIC KART RT
Kosmic Kart Racing department: our 7 bearers for 2016
Seven are the Kosmic Kart Racing Departments drivers. World Champion Basz and the experienced driver Hajek will drive the "Blue" patrol made up of Backman, Weerts, Milell, Pourchaire and Chappard. The world champions Mercury MY15 and Lynx MY15 chassis powered by Vortex will be the key points to aim for the top. The race calendar of the Racing Department. Patrik Hajeks arrival has come shortly before the celebration of our lineup of drivers for the...

kosmic kart racing department hajek kz driver k2016 KOSMIC KART RT
Kosmic Kart Racing department. Hajek Kz driver in 2016
We are pleased to announce that our new driver for 2016 season in KZ category is Patrik Hajek. We have reached a positive agreement with the fast driver of the Czech Republic that includes Patrik in all CIK-FIA and WSK Series competitions reserved to the master class. Hajek will enrich the already talented list of the Kosmic teams drivers. We are confident that his talent is an added value that will emphasize the quality and performance of our Kosmic...

wsk super master k2nd rnd basz wins again kf category KOSMIC KART RT
Wsk Super Master 2nd Rnd. Basz wins again in Kf category
Basz is once more the leader in the WSK Super Master at the 7 Laghi international circuit and runs at the top of the rankings. Excellent performance of the lady Backman. Douglas has a very good debut in KZ class next to Backman. Drugovich gains good points in KFJ class. Rankings. Our Racing Teams weekend has been a true triumph at the 7 Laghi International circuit, seat of the second round of the WSK Super Master Series.

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